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Replace Your Roof Before It’s Too Late

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Replace Your Roof Before It’s Too Late

Homeowner’s insurance policies are designed to not only protect you, the homeowner but also, the bank’s interest in the property. When you purchase a property, there will typically be an inspection. The extent to which the insurer will inspect varies, but they typically take not of the age of your roof. This makes sense as if there is an old roof that needs repairs, It can heighten their level of risk exposure. For instance, if you have a roof leak that causes water damage, and it turns to mold, this time is to replace your roof and can turn into a rather larger insurance claim.

This is very important because as your roof approaches the typical life expectancy, your insurance company may send a letter informing you that they will not be renewing your policy, if you do not replace your roof. We recently had a customer who found themselves in this situation in Brandon, FL and this is how they handled it:

  • Called South shore Roofing & Exteriors for a roof replacement estimate
  • We sent one of our expert roof technicians for a roof inspection
  • The customer had roof storm damage, which we took pictures of and thoroughly documented
  • We filed an insurance claim with their homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Their roof replacement was paid in full by way of the insurance claim we filed

This may not be the case for all of our future customers who find themselves in this position. If you receive a letter of non-renewal or cancellation, you may be forced to pay for your roof out of pocket. This is why at South Shore Roofing & Exteriors, we highly recommend getting a roof inspection if you have an older roof.