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What Affect Your Roof Replacement Cost in Tampa, FL?

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What Affect Your Roof Replacement Cost in Tampa, FL?

How and Why Will Multiple Layers on Your Existing Roofing System Impact Your Roof Replacement cost in Tampa, FL?

The most common shingle material in the United States is asphalt shingles. These shingles are cost-effective, quite durable, and have aesthetic appeal. There are many different manufacturers, but here at SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors, we prefer Atlas shingles.

When considering a roof replacement, one of the things that will affect the cost of your project is how many layers of shingles are on your existing roof. This is a good reason why this will influence the cost of your roof replacement:

Asphalt shingles are heavy. One bundle of shingles weighs approximately 80 pounds. This will certainly vary based on the type of shingle (three-tab shingles vs architectural) but 80 lbs. is the average. It will typically take approximately three bundles to cover one square (10’x10’) of your roof. Meaning if you have a 20 square roof, you will need 60 bundles of shingles to install your new roof. If you crunch the numbers, this comes out to around 4,800 pounds. If you need a full roof tear-off and have two existing layers, our team is removing almost 10,000 pounds of shingles! This results in not only increased labor costs but increased dump costs. When disposing of the waste, we pay a per ton price at the dump. This means when tearing off multiple layers of a roof we will typically have to use a larger trailer and pay increased dump costs.

If you only have one layer of shingles on your current roofing system, we may be able to do a layover. A layover is considered when you have an older roof that has shingle wear etc… but the integrity of the roofing structure is still intact. If this is the case, there is less labor involved, fewer dump fees, which will equate to a lower roof replacement cost in Tampa for your roofing project. This is a route that is best avoided if possible as it likely will void the manufacturer warranty associated with the shingle being installed.

Can you do a layover on a roof that has more than one layer of shingles?

No. In the state of Florida, the code dictates that you may only have a maximum of two layers of shingles on your home. The weight of having multiple layers of shingles on your home can be burdensome to the structural integrity of your home. This is the reason there is a cap on the number of layers of shingles you may install.