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November 16, 2021

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Roof Replacement Job?

With winter approaching fast, it would be an understatement to say that making sure your roof is in prime condition is just important. The fact of the matter is that your roof is your home's armor against the harsh outside climate. So having a roof that is up to the task isn't just important, it's mandatory. This article is designed to help walk you through the roof replacement process, and show you exactly why you should come to SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors if you need to replace your roof.

What to Expect when we Replace your Roof:

The very first thing we will do when our contractors arrive is to begin prepping your home to replace your roof. We will tarp off all of your plants and bushes, scope out the surrounding area. This is to make sure there are no high-risk zones, such as an exposed glass window or breakable decorations. We will start tearing your old roof off as soon as possible. So that we don’t leave your yard looking like a construction zone for long!

We may also ask you to move any cars you have into your garage or on the street, as we do not want to damage them. We may also ask if it is okay for us to move our dumpster onto your driveway if we feel there is enough room. This will allow us to have a quick and efficient way of disposing of all of the scrap shingle and lower the risk of us missing a stray nail somewhere. Next, we will do a complete tear-off of your old roof. This is crucial, as we do not layer roofs. Layering roofs can lead to problems down the road and/or void your manufacturer warranty on the shingles.

We will another inspection of your roof:

Just as we did prior to the start of construction, we will carefully and meticulously examine your roof's plywood. We are looking for a few things when we do this. The most important thing we search for is water damage to your plywood. When the wood is water damaged, it becomes soft and very weak. This can pose many issues down the road, especially during the winter! The plywood on your roof serves as the entire foundation for your shingles, and without a strong foundation, you could suffer from a partial or complete roof collapse! Any plywood that we deem to be structurally compromised we will tear off and replace with a brand new sheet. It is crucial after we are done to inspect each piece and ensure that it is properly nailed down. This is a step that most contractors miss, as they only look for water damage. Nails can become compromised when ripping off the shingles, and if not taken care of, can leave bumps and vulnerable spots on your new roof.

Our Next Step:

Next comes water and ice preparation. The first step is to do a thorough cleaning of your roof. We ensure your roof is completely free of any nails or debris that may affect the hold of your new roof. Once we are sure your roof is spotless, we will begin to install the drip edge. Drip edge is metal flashing installed at the edges of the roof to keep water away from your fascia and from getting underneath your roofing components. Without a drip edge, water can very easily get beneath your shingles and damage your roof, especially in Florida, with all of the constant humidity we get.

Next comes the installation of your sub-roof. This is called ice and water. Ice and water is a long sheet of adhesive waterproof material. This sub-roof is crucial as it prevents any water that may get in along the seams of your roof from causing damage to your plywood. This sub-roof must be laid in every spot of your roof with a seam. This includes near the edges of your roof, by the drip edge, along with any dormers you may have, along the peak of your roof, and around your chimney.

Once we are finished laying all of your ice and water, we will move on to laying the underlayment. This is typically a felt layer between your roof and plywood that prevents the tar on your roof from sticking to the roof, however, many people have been opting into using a new composite underlayment. This new composite material is much lighter, reducing the weight load on your roof, and can take a lot more abuse than typical felt underlayment.

The Final Touch:

When all of the prep work is finally finished, we can begin to lay your brand new asphalt shingle roof! This part of the process is extremely satisfying for us and the client as well. We are in most cases able to get the entire thing finished in a full day if we start early, and you can watch your roof being assembled before your eyes! We will start from the bottom edges of your roof, and work our way up towards the peak.

As we progress, we will make sure to install and counter-flashing or vent as needed. When we finally reach the peak, we will install ridge vents and ridge caps. Ridge vents are long piece of either plastic or metal that leaves a small gap between the peak of your roof and your ridge caps. This helps to properly ventilate your attic and upper floors of your home, which saves you money on energy bills.

We will then start our final cleanup of your roof. Starting with taking all of our tools off of the roof and sweeping any debris we may have made into a pile, carefully bagging it up, and taking it to the dumpster. We will check all of the gutters for any trash that may have fallen into them and clean up as needed. When we are satisfied that your roof is clean, we will begin our final inspection. We will go around to every possible area we think may be of concern and carefully check our work to make sure there will be no problems for you down the road. 

Why SouthShore Roofing And Exteriors?

Here at SouthShore Roofing and exteriors, we have and will always continue to take immense pride in our work. We will strive to do things not just quickly, but with a level of quality that can't be contested by any other roofer. We love to create relationships with our clients and encourage them to come to us with any questions they may have along the way. So please, if you need to replace your roof, do not hesitate to give us a call so we can get things moving for you ASAP!


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