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Everything You Need To Know About Gable Roof

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Everything You Need To Know About Gable Roof

Is there a slope on your roof that directs rain into gutters or off the eaves?

If you answered yes to the above question, then there is a good chance you have a gable roof. A gable roof is one of Florida’s most common and popularly used roof types. You benefit from a range of aesthetic and functional considerations. Moreover, this roof type will not only lengthen the life of your home but also add value to it.

Today’s blogs will discuss everything you need to know about gable roofs.

What is a gable roof?

A gable roof is one of the most popular roofs in North America. Gable roofs feature two sloping sides that meet at a ridgeline and extend up to form an “A”-shaped– triangular extension called a gable above the end walls. The two sides of a gable roof will often come together to form a right or left-handed shape when viewed from the exterior, depending on regional and cultural preferences.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of gable roofs?


  • Affordable
  • One can design it in a variety of ways.
  • They are founded on a straightforward design principle
  • Roofs with a gable roof are more weather resistant than flat roofs.
  • If the pitch is sufficient to accommodate dormers, an attic could be converted into a living space. 


The most common disadvantage is that gable roofs are more prone to wind damage than hip roofs.

What’s the Difference Between Gable Roofs and Hip Roofs?

Both gable roofs and hip roofs have four sides, but they differ greatly in their structure. While they both provide structural support and protection from natural elements, each of these roof types accomplishes that task in a slightly different way.

Hip Roof: A hip roof does not have vertical ends, and the “hip” is the angle created where two sides meet.

Gable roofs: With gable roofs, only two sides slope downward. The other two sides extend from the bottom of the eaves toward the peak of the ridgeline.

Different Gable Roof Shapes

There are many terms in architecture to describe the types of gable roofs. A cross-gable roof shows its slanting side on the front — as opposed to a “front-gable” roof, which shows its side on the front.

When designing your home, you must choose the type of roof that best suits your needs.

#1 A cross-gable roof is the ideal choice for homes with a T-shaped layout — most often, homes with an attached garage, a dormer, or an addition. This style is often used to add complexity and character to a home.

#2 With an open gable, you can put a hip roof on a square structure. That’s because the sides all join together to form a single peak. There are two different angles with a box — the lower one is steeper than the higher one.

#3 A gable roof with its slanting side visible from the front of the house is called a side-gable roof, while a gable home with its angled wall facing outward is known as a front-gable roof.

#4 A gambrel, or barn-style roof, is a multi-sided hip roof with two sloped sections—one flat at the ridge and one with a sharper drop near the eaves. These roofs maximize the amount of usable space beneath the roof.

#5 A saltbox roof is a side table with shorter sides with a steeper pitch.

#6 In the A-frame roof, all four sides of the house slope downward with a single pitched roof at each end. This style is perfect for small homes under 900 square feet.

#7 Dormers are a gable-roof variation that adds a loft or attic headroom. Dormers will typically add functional space to an attic in a home.

Which style should you choose for your home?

That depends on your needs and what you’re looking for in a roof. If you want something more complex and adds character to your home, go with a gable roof. If you’re looking for maximum headroom and space, go with a dormer or an A-frame roof. And if you’re looking for something versatile that can be used on any home, go with a hip roof.

Whichever style you choose, ensure you get the right roofing materials and installation to ensure your home is weather-resistant and secure.

SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors are experts in constructing gable roofs made with features that make each one unique. From the first consultation to the final inspection, we’ll be there to walk you through each step of the process.