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Is Metal The Best Roofing Material?

According to a recent study, metal roofing can reduce energy costs by up to 70 percent. This study proves that the benefits of metal roofing in Tampa, FL, go beyond being cool and stylish—we should also add efficiency and economics to the long list of benefits.

Perhaps you're one of many homeowners who want to cut their utility bills or reduce their carbon footprint. Regardless of why you're making the change, modern metal roofing in Tampa, FL, can help homeowners go green and contribute positively to the environment.

Are there other benefits to installing a metal roof? Of course! Metal roofs are strong, lightweight, and have natural fire-resistant properties. They are available in a wide array of colors and styles that can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

So what are you waiting for? Call SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors today to schedule your free consultation and get a brand new metal roof installed in your Tampa, FL home.

Why Metal Roofing Is The Best Choice For Your Home

If you live in Tampa, FL, and are looking for a new roof for your home or business, metal roofing can provide you with a number of benefits. Let's explore some advantages- you'll be guaranteed when installing a metal roof on your home or business..

Can Help Reduce Your Utility Bills By Up to 70 Percent

A study conducted by Oak Ridge National Laboratory revealed that you could reduce energy bills up to 70 percent with metal roofs.

The study concluded that modern metal is an efficient option for roofs. Moreover, they offer substantial economic savings. This research further validates that metal roofs are more than just trendy—they're smart!

Strength & Weight of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are tough and lightweight. This makes them easy to install, especially in older homes. Metal roofs can also help increase the strength of your roofing system.

The strength and lightweight properties of metal roofs also make them ideal for high wind climates, such as coastal Florida.

Fire Resistant

Metal roofs are extremely fire resistant and can last for a long period, even for a lifetime! You can add it to your home or business without worrying about replacing the roofing material every ten years. Of course, you will need to replace them, but after 50-60 years of its use. Moreover, all-metal roofs come with a warranty that covers manufacturer defects, but otherwise, it's practically maintenance-free.

Metal roofs are also remarkably wind-resistant. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) indicates that metal roofs are the best way to protect your home against hurricanes and severe storms.

Durability & Reliability

Metal roofs can withstand all types of weather conditions. So you don't have to worry about leaving your home unoccupied for long periods. Even better, metal roofs are made from materials that don't get damaged by humidity or moisture. So you won't find yourself dealing with costly repairs.

Metal roofs have been around for over 150 years, and today's metal roofing systems are designed to last a lifetime (when installed correctly). The advanced materials used in today's metal roofing products make them extremely durable and highly resistant to the elements.

Style & Aesthetic Options
Metal roofs are available in multiple styles and colors, so there is a metal roofing system to fit all types of homes and landscapes. The strength and design options offered by metal roofs give homeowners the ability to enjoy more than just one style or color throughout their entire home or business property.
Environmentally Friendly
Metal roofs are energy-efficient, structurally stable, and durable. They're also environmentally friendly! Metal roofing installation in Tampa, FL, helps reduce the dangerous waste that goes into our landfills. That means less metal will end up in your local dump, which is great for your community and the environment.

Preparing Roof Surface For Metal Roof Installation In Tampa, FL.

Step 1

Your roof's surface must be structurally sound and free of old roofing materials. This includes clearing the area of all dirt and debris.

Step 2

Metal roofing companies in Tampa will grade the surface to allow water drainage and flash all penetrations through the metal panels appropriately.

Step 3

The final step is to let the team of SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors install the metal roof. This is not a job for inexperienced people- so choose an experienced and well-trained roofing contractor!

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    Best Metal Roofing Company In Tampa, Florida

    As you know, a metal roof is one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing systems available on the market. It is perfect for the harsh weather condition that Tampa faces every year. This is why many people in Tampa are switching to metal roofs to save themselves from the hassle of constantly repairing and replacing their roofs. However, to install a metal roof, you need the best roofing company in Tampa, i.e, South Shore Roofing & Exteriors

    We have been providing our clients with exceptional service for over years, and we are proud to say that our work is second to none. Our customers are always happy with the results of our services, and we offer quality workmanship and a warranty on all of our work. When it's time for a new roof, contact us today. We will walk you through the process of switching to metal roofing and give you a better idea of what it's all about.


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