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How Roof Age Affects Insurance Claim & Property Value

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How Roof Age Affects Insurance Claim & Property Value

Are you wondering how old your roof is, and how it can affect your home’s insurance claim or appraisal? Then you are in the right place! At Champion Exteriors, we’re here with a detailed guide explaining the impact of your roof’s age.

How A Roof’s Age Can Affect Insurance Claims

The age of a roof impacts the approval of insurance claims for repairs and replacements. Insurance policies vary, but here are some general considerations:


Insurance companies often factor in the age of the roof when determining coverage for repairs or replacements. As a roof ages, it may be subject to depreciation, meaning that the insurance payout will be less for an older roof compared to a newer one.

Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost

Insurance policies may provide coverage based on either the actual cash value (ACV) or the replacement cost. ACV takes into account the depreciated value of the roof, while replacement cost coverage considers the cost of replacing the roof with a similar one at today’s prices. Older roofs may receive lower payouts under ACV coverage.

Maintenance and Wear and Tear

Insurance companies generally consider the age of the roof when assessing claims related to normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance. If a roof is beyond its expected lifespan, the insurer might argue that issues are due to aging rather than sudden damage, impacting the claim.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Some insurance policies have exclusions for prevailing or pre-loss conditions, such as old rafters. If your roof was in poor condition before obtaining the insurance, the insurer might be less likely to cover certain types of damages, which may involve damage caused by water or pests.

Upkeep and Documentation

Regular maintenance and documentation of the roof’s condition can positively impact your insurance claims. If you can show, using pictures, videos, or a roof maintenance contract, that you have taken proper care of the roof, it may strengthen your case when filing a claim, regardless of its age.

Policy Exclusions

Review your insurance policy for any specific exclusions related to roof age. Some home insurance policies may have limitations or exclusions for roofs beyond a certain age, especially if they are composed of certain materials. For example, the average lifespan of asphalt shingles is between 15 to 25 years, based on the manufacturer and material quality.

Building Code Upgrades

If your roof needs replacement due to fire or hail damage, some policies may cover the cost of bringing the roof up to current building code standards. However, the older the roof, the more expensive it may be to make it in compliance with new codes.

How Do You File A Successful Roof Insurance Claim?

Ensuring a successful insurance claim for roof repair or replacement involves careful preparation, documentation, and adherence to your insurance policy’s terms and conditions. 

Here are steps to help maximize the chances of a successful claim:

Understand Your Policy

Read and understand your insurance policy, including coverage limits, deductibles, and any exclusions related to roof damage. Knowing your policy’s details will help you navigate the claims process more effectively.

Document & Report Damage Properly

Take photos and keep records of your roof’s condition before any damage occurs. This documentation can help demonstrate that the damage being claimed was not pre-existing.

Report any damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. Delaying the reporting of damages may lead to complications in the claims process. When reporting a claim, provide detailed information about the damage. Include the time and date of the incident, a description of what happened, and relevant circumstances. Be honest and accurate in your description.

Use an Experienced & Reliable Roofing Contractor

Work with licensed and insured roofing contractors. Ensure that they provide detailed estimates and are willing to work with your insurance company. Avoid contractors who demand payment upfront before any work is done.

Communication & Cooperation With Your Insurer 

Cooperate with the insurance adjuster during the inspection process. Be present during the assessment, provide the necessary documentation, and answer any questions truthfully. Keep a record of all communication with your insurance company, including emails, letters, and phone calls. Document the names and titles of individuals you speak with and the details of the conversation.

If you are thinking about selling your house, you should know that your roof’s age and condition might affect its market price.

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How Roof Age Affects Your Property’s Resale Value

Here are some ways in which the age of a roof may influence the perceived, and actual value of a property:

Condition and Maintenance

A newer roof suggests that the property has been well maintained, which can be appealing to buyers. On the other hand, an old roof that requires immediate attention can raise concerns about maintenance costs and may lead buyers to negotiate a lower price.

First Impressions

The condition of the roof is one of the first things that potential buyers notice. If a roof is in good condition, it can create a positive first impression, setting a favorable tone for the rest of the home inspection.

Negotiation Power

Buyers may use the age and condition of the roof as a negotiation point. If a roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan, buyers may seek a lower sale price or request that the seller address the roof issues before closing the deal.

Home Inspection Impact

During the home inspection process, the condition of the roof is thoroughly assessed. If the inspector identifies issues with an aging roof, it can lead to negotiations between the buyer and seller regarding repairs or replacements. A well maintained roof may result in a smoother inspection process.

Market Competition

In a competitive real estate market, a property with a new or recently replaced roof may stand out among similar listings. This can make your home more attractive to the buyers, potentially allowing you to set a higher asking price.

Energy Efficiency

Newer roofing materials often come with improved energy-efficient features. If your roof includes modern insulation or reflective materials, it may appeal to environmentally conscious buyers who are looking for energy-efficient homes.

The Role Of A Good Roofing Contractor

Here are some benefits of hiring the right roofing contractor, particularly someone who is experienced in insurance claims, for your roof replacement and repair project:

1. Accurate Determination Of Your Roof’s Age and Condition

Roofing contractors are trained to find out the age of the roof and assess its condition. When faced with damage, they can evaluate whether repairs are sufficient, or if a replacement is more cost-effective in the long run.

Roofers play a key role in the insurance claim process by conducting a thorough inspection of the damage. They provide detailed documentation and estimates to the insurance company, helping to support your claim for either repairs or replacement.

2. Detailed Estimates and Cost Analysis

Roofing contractors provide detailed estimates for repairs and replacements. These cost estimates include the price of materials, labor, and other necessary expenses. They can help you analyze the costs versus benefits of each option.

Getting a detailed estimate from a professional roofer is crucial when working with your insurance company. These estimates help determine the coverage amount and provide a clear understanding of the scope of work needed.

3. Communication With The Insurance Company

Roofing contractors can communicate directly with your insurance company. They can tell your roof’s age, explain the extent of the damage, recommend a course of action, and provide any additional information required by the insurer.

The ability of your roofing contractor to effectively communicate with the insurance company is invaluable. They can address questions, provide clarification, and ensure that the insurance adjuster understands the full scope of the required work.

4. Provide Expert Advice on Roofing Materials

Roofing contractors can provide expert advice on the most suitable roofing materials for your specific situation. They will be able to accurately consider factors such as your climate, and budget when making recommendations.

The choice of roofing materials can impact the appraisal value. Roofers can recommend materials that not only address the damage, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of your roof.

5. Ensure Quality of Repairs or Replacement

Roofing contractors ensure that any repairs or replacements meet industry standards and adhere to local building codes. The quality of the work done by your roofing contractor contributes to the overall condition and longevity of the roof. This can positively influence the property’s appraisal value.

6. Documentation of Completed Work

Roofers provide documentation of the completed work, including before-and-after photos, which can be helpful in understanding the extent of repairs or replacement. Documentation is essential for both insurance claims and home appraisals. It serves as evidence of the work done and ensures transparency in the process.

If you want to find out your roof’s age, or need roof repair or insurance claim assistance, we’re here to guide you.

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