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5 Best Skylight Installation Contractors In Tampa FL

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5 Best Skylight Installation Contractors In Tampa FL

Home improvement is a rapidly growing industry as homeowners are now much more concerned about both the functionality and look of their homes. One way you can improve your home is by adding a skylight. 

When it comes to adding natural lighting and enhancing the ambiance of your home, skylights are an excellent choice. Skylights bring in abundant sunlight, making your living space feel more open and inviting. If you’re in Tampa, FL, and looking for the best skylight installation contractors, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top five companies that offer exceptional skylight installation services in Tampa. 

What is a Skylight?

A skylight is a window installed on the roof, designed to allow natural light to enter the room below. It not only brightens up your living space during the day, but it also offers beautiful views of the sky and stars at night. Skylights come in various types, each serving a unique purpose and style.

Types Of Skylights

Let’s delve deeper into the different skylight options available for homeowners:

Traditional Skylights: 

Traditional Skylights

These classic skylights are the most common choice. They are typically flat or domed in design and directly bring abundant sunlight into the room. Traditional skylights work best for rooms with direct roof access and where ample natural light is desired.

Tubular Skylights: 

Tubular Skylights

Also known as sun tunnels or light tubes, tubular skylights are an ingenious solution for spaces with limited roof access or confined areas like hallways, bathrooms, or closets. These skylights consist of a small roof-mounted dome that captures sunlight and channels it through a highly reflective tube into the interior space, brightening up even the darkest corners.

Ventilating Skylights: 

Ventilating Skylights

For homeowners seeking both natural light and improved air circulation, ventilating skylights, also known as vented skylights, are the perfect choice. These skylights come equipped with integrated ventilation fans that help expel stale air, smoke, and excess moisture from the room while drawing in fresh outdoor air. They contribute to maintaining a healthier indoor environment and an enhanced level of energy efficiency.

Fixed Skylights:

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights, as the name suggests, are stationary and do not open. They are an excellent option for rooms where ventilation is not a priority, but the focus is solely on bringing in natural light and creating an open and spacious feel.

Why You Should Invest in a Skylight for Your Home

Skylights are an excellent investment for homeowners due to the many benefits they bring to both the living space and its occupants. 

First and foremost, skylights allow a flood of natural light in to enhance the overall atmosphere of any room. This abundant sunlight not only reduces the need for artificial lighting, leading to potential savings on energy bills but also promotes a positive attitude and increased productivity for everyone in the home. 

Skylights also improve air circulation and ventilation, allowing for a healthier indoor environment. By reducing the reliance on artificial lighting and ventilation systems, skylights also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly household. Ultimately, skylights are a wise investment, transforming living spaces into brighter, healthier, and more visually appealing areas for homeowners to enjoy for years to come.

Top Companies For Your Skylight Installation Project

Now that you are aware of the types of skylights you can consider for your roofing project, let us now move on to the main purpose of our article. Below we have provided a list of the best skylight installation companies in Tampa. 

#1 SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors

skylight installation in Tampa

SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors is a locally owned and operated roofing company in Tampa. They are 100% committed to providing top-notch roof maintenance and home exterior services. SouthShore’s team continually expands its service areas to ensure every resident receives exceptional workmanship. Their roofers fully understand the significance of keeping your family safe, and the team of experts delivers various roofing services, including skylight installation, with utmost dedication. 

Be it roof repair or skylight installation, you can trust their team. They are associated with some of the leading manufacturers and also have GAF MasterElite® certification.

#2 A.M. Roofing and Waterproofing

The next company on our list of skylight installers is A.M. Roofing and Waterproofing. With decades of experience, A.M. Roofing and Waterproofing boast a team of expert roofers who efficiently handle skylight installations and repairs in the Tampa Bay area. Their versatility extends to traditional, tubular, and vented skylights, catering to all your skylight needs. 

Their team takes pride in their professional relationships with various general contractors in the region, ensuring a seamless experience for their customers. Apart from skylight installation, their team also offers quality metal and tile roofing services. 

#3 Roof X

Roof X is a reputable and nationally licensed roofing company based in Tampa, FL, boasting an impressive track record of over 50 years of experience in the industry. With a long history of exceptional workmanship, they are committed to consistently delivering the best results for all their customers. 

Skylights are a significant part of their services, and they install various types of skylights to fit the needs of any home or business. Their goal is to increase the quality of life for all their customers by creating a brighter, more inviting atmosphere in any interior space. 

#4 Daylight Concepts

Daylight Concepts is a state-licensed contractor with 18 years of experience in installing and selling Solatube Daylighting Systems, solar attic fans, skylights, and roofing systems. The company has several awards and accolades to its name, including Best Roofers in Tampa by Expertise in 2021. As an exclusive authorized Solatube Premier Dealer, the company offers homeowners unmatched quality, competitive pricing, and exceptional service. 

#5 Albright Roofing & Contracting 

Albright Roofing & Contracting, a trusted residential roofing company, has been serving Hillsborough and Greater Pinellas County since 1992. Over the years, the company has built a solid reputation based on the recommendations of satisfied customers. People in the community trust Albright Roofing & Contracting for their skylight installation needs, knowing that they will always deliver top-notch results.

This skylight installation company in Tampa has earned the prestigious 2022 Angie’s List Super Service Award, for the 19th year in a row, showcasing the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining consistently high levels of customer satisfaction. 


When it comes to skylight installation contractors in Tampa, FL, these five companies stand out with their expertise, dedication, and commitment to quality. Whether you need traditional skylights, tubular skylights, or fixed skylights, you can trust these contractors to brighten up your home with natural light, all while ensuring a safe and beautiful living space. Choose any of these top-notch contractors, and you’ll be one step closer to transforming your home with the beauty and functionality of skylights.

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