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Tilcor Roofing Products Overview By SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors

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Tilcor Roofing Products Overview By SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors

If you are thinking to install a new roof or looking for a replacement for your existing roof then your first and foremost concern should be regarding the material that you would be installing. A proper design and material selection are crucial not just for the completion of the structure, but also to ensure the safety of its inhabitants and the lifetime integrity of the roof. To ensure that the material you purchase is good, you should check that you get the materials only from world-class manufacturers, Tilcor Roofing is one of them. 

What Is Tilcor Roofing?

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a new home addition or replacing an old roof, choosing the right material to install will remain critical. Tilcor roofing is there to provide your roof with a sound yet beautiful structure. Tilcor roof product range is manufactured by Ross Roof Group, an Auckland-based roofing company. It has been innovating and manufacturing high-quality roofing materials for homeowners and contractors since 1942.

Why Are Tilcor Roofing Systems So Special?

Tilcor roofing is not like your average roofing material. They produce a range of stone and steel coated panels, automatically offering you more durability and high performance. They also offer a range of styles and colors to meet any architectural vision. Here are some of the benefits of a tilcor roof.

Made From The Finest-Quality Materials

Unlike products that use degraded or second-rate steel, all of our roofing materials are made from the best and purest steel and stone. Not only this, but these products also use, Zinalume coating – one of the strongest and longest-lasting corrosion protection coatings available. . We source all of our materials using methods that uphold the highest of standards, and manufacture them in an ISO9001 certified facility to ensure that they are made at the right level of quality.

Global Presence

Tilcor roofing systems are recognized and installed all over the world, having its presence in more than 80 countries, including America, Japan, etc. From extreme temperatures to typhoons, earthquakes, and even tornadoes — Tilcor roof tiles are fit for everything and can handle these with ease. Their product range is as diverse as our range of customers.

Exceptional Durability

It is important for your home’s roof to be made according to your area’s stringent building codes, after all these are made for your own safety. Tilcor roofing materials are tried and tested to not only meet the toughest industry standards and codes but also exceed them. These materials are resistant to most of the weather elements and work well with different climates so that you dont have to take the stress.

High Visual Appeal

Tilcor Roofing Systems includes a collection of roof tiles that not only perform but look good as well. They have taken inspiration from the world’s most beautiful roofs and crafted tile profiles that compliment any residential or commercial space. From their Spanish-influenced, Antica series to the bestselling Craftsman Shake and CF Shake designed for America, they remain certain that every style will suit your home.

Thus Tilcoe brings the world closer while taking inspiration from classic architecture and creating beautiful tiles with a timeless appeal.


At Tilcor, building sustainability is taken very seriously. Also, the focus on building efficiency doesn’t stop at what is put into the products. Tilcor also takes pride in investing in the future of technology and sustainable energy practices. Their steel roofing is made from 100% recycled steel, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly choices you can make for your home. With a Tilcor roof on your house, you’ll be able to enjoy both a beautiful design and the healthiest lifestyle possible.

Energy Efficient Focus

A roof should not only protect your home from weather extremities but should also play a role in reducing your energy bills. Tilcor is a company that specializes in cool roofs.Tilcor roofing products are designed to be elevated from the roof deck, which creates a natural airflow that the company refers to as “Above Sheathing Ventilation” or ASV technology. This plays an important role in keeping your roof cool.

Products From Tilcor Roofing

Tilcor Roofing takes pride in offering many roof products and services we to it’s customers. These include the following. 

Roofing Tiles Profiles


These tyle offer to give your home’s tile roof a Spanish touch. Antica is a line of decorative tiles that capture the look of traditional Spanish terracotta tile designs. However, rather than being made out of clay, each Antica tile is constructed from coated steel to help you achieve your design vision in a lightweight and portable package. These tiles are shaped like the alphabet ‘S’. With Antica, you get beautiful aesthetics at a lesser cost than competing for clay tile roofs.


With this offering, Tilcor has managed to give you a traditional look. This Tilcor Bond tile captures the refined look of a traditional-style roofing tile while incorporating the lightweight advantages of steel. This tile is available in as many as 10 color options such as ‘Coffee Brown’, ‘Green Stone’, ‘Terracotta’. 


These Royal tiles have a square-like structure, thus giving out a shingle-like appearance. Tilcor Royal is a premium textured tile that combines the beauty of wood with the strength and durability of steel. Boasting impressive fire and weather resistance, long life, and attractive textured finishes, these tiles are available in deep charcoals, browns, and greens, you name it. 


A shake roof is one of the most aesthetically pleasing roof materials that you will ever witness, no matter where you reside. These are premium wood structures made from natural wood such as cedar. Though, beautiful, these tend to be more on the expensive side and can face durability issues. The Tilcor Shake provides a solution for this. It will give you a roof with the wood-grain appearance of a traditional shake. At the same time, the stone coat will offer weather resistance.


This roof tile gets its name from the Wales-based royal dynasty that ruled England back in the 14th century. Tudor is a tile that offers the look of traditional European design, with a modern twist. It has an elegant, undulating shape that is well suited to both traditional and contemporary homes. Its design is sure to add personality and a sense of history to any roof.


You can use the Tilcor Roman stone-coated steel tile to mimic the look of clay, giving homes a traditional, Mediterranean feel. So with this, you will get a class of clay tile with added performance and a relatively affordable cost. With an authentic appearance and low weight, these tiles are easy to install as well. These are great for areas where traditional clay tiles won’t work. 

‘CF’ Tile Range

This stands for Concealed Fastening, the type of fastening which is not visible after installation on the roof. 


When your roof is as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical, you’ll find yourself looking up at it even when you’re not on the roof. Charmingly, the Tilcor CF Slate roof tile gives you the same look and feel of a traditional shingle roof — with a rustic slate-stone finish that captures their charm and longevity. It can withstand the powerful UV rays emitted by the sun and also protect your home from harsh winds.


As also told earlier, Tilcor produces roof tiles for the whole world and attempts to provide every area with a perfectly suited material. This CF Shake is designed specially keeping in mind the homeowners of America. The Tilcor CF Shake is designed to fit seamlessly into most of the homes, providing a rustic aesthetic that softens the sleek design of any home. It also comes with a stone coating, this steel-coated product is constructed from the same material as some of the strongest building materials in the world. Thus you are assured of both style and sturdiness.


The homeowners of Tampa love shingle roofs. No wonder they are the most popular. The CF Shingles by Tilcor roofing system is an advancement of the regular shingles. They have a design that’s been specially developed for the North American market to look similar to traditional asphalt shingles, except without the issues of ongoing problems. These steel roofing panels are coated in stone, which comes with a variety of color options reflective of contemporary styles.


Apart from the first-rate roof panels, Tilcor roofing systems include roof vents as well. Tilcor Vents are the perfect addition to any roof. They are unobtrusive and can last for a great deal of time. The lack of penetrations saves time and money during installation and eliminates maintenance problems in the future. This also contributes to a more weather-tight roof, creating confidence for customers in all conditions.

They are installed using the highest quality materials and require no additional supplies or modifications made after the installation of your roof.

Vents offered by Tilcor 

  • Roof Space Vent
  • Sanitary Vent
  • Extraction Vent

Other Accessories

Tilcor Roofing System offers some accessories that can perfectly complement your roofing system. 

Accessories For General Roofing Tiles


Also called a ridgeline, the ridge is the highest part of a roof. It’s often made with metal, wood, or slate. Tilcor offers you various options such as a standard ridge, angled, and V-shaped ridge. They also offer end caps for the various ridges. 

Other Products
  • Flat Sheet (2000* 500mm) and (2000×452.55mm)
  • Notched Sidewall
  • Metal tile Valley
  • No bend Valley
  • Standard Gable Edge
  • 2D Gable Edge

Accessories For CF Roofing Tiles

These accessories are specifically designed for the CF Roof Tile range. 

  • Standard Starter
  • Slate Starter
  • Slate Barge
  • Barge Channel

Install/Replace Your Roof In Tampa With SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors

A roof is an integral part of any building. It is essential to keep your roof in good shape because it has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. So it is important that you hire only professional contractors of the highest quality for your roofing needs. This is why you should choose only SouthShore Roofing & Exterior as your contractor. There are many reasons why. 

We make a promise to use materials from only industry-leading manufacturers. We offer you quality roofing materials from Tilcor Metal Roofing Systems so that your roof can stand the toughest conditions and still look good. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at (813) 400-3329 and we promise you we’ll answer all your questions related to tilcor roofing or any other roofing need at the earliest.

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