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July 5, 2021

What to do & What Not to do When Choosing a Roofer in Tampa, FL

Things to Do and Not Do When Hiring Tampa Roofer  or a Roofing Company to Install a New Roof in Tampa, FL 


- Check to ensure the roofer you are considering for your project is licensed

- If the roofing company you considering isn’t licensed, you should go in another direction

- Verify insurance that the company has

- Protecting yourself and your property during the roof installation process needs to be priority number one. Make sure that your roofing company has the appropriate coverages to protect you if something goes wrong on the job

- Check online reviews on Google, Facebook and other platforms

- Utilize the power of internet to do a quick search ad see what past customers are saying about this roofing company

- Inquire with friends and family to see if they have had any experience with the roofing contractor you are considering

- Friends and family will keep our best interests at heart – They are a great resource to utilize when trying decide on a local roofing company for your project

- Post in Nextdoor or Facebook community groups to see what feedback others in the local community have with regards to the roofers you are considering

- Aside from your friends and family, receiving feedback from other homeowners in your community is also helpful

- Discuss any manufacturer and workmanship warranties associated with the shingle and roofing system they are installing

- This allows you to understand what is covered under warranty and what is not

Do Not:

Fall victim to the high-pressured sales pitch

- Take your time – Make sure the roofing company you hire is a good fit for your needs

- Make your decision solely on price

- While every penny counts, don’t go the cheapest route at the expense of quality

- Fail to educate yourself on the process and warranties

- Misunderstand what your warranties mean. You will want to know what could potentially  void your roof manufacturer and workmanship warranty

- Forget to ask for reviews and references

- Ask and confirm the roofing company’s past customer experiences

- Fail to get everything in writing

- Anyone can tell you anything, be sure that it is also written in the contract. This will help make certain, if something goes wrong, you are protected.

Hiring a roofing company in Tampa, FL for a project of any size can be a process that makes any homeowner uneasy. Following these guidelines above will increase the likelihood of finding a reliable Tampa roofer or local roofing company.


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