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When someone pulls up to your house, the exterior materials and roof are the first things they see. Not to mention, those materials are what is actually protecting what’s inside. Rotten wood, chipping paint and decaying trim not only looks bad, but can have serious negative ripple effects to the rest of your home if not properly maintained. It used to be a high maintenance endeavor to keep siding looking nice and functioning properly. This is why most people chose to get rid and go with stucco. But with some of the new materials on the market, you can have the best of both worlds: beauty and functionality. Our siding contractor Tampa can help you choose the right option for you.

The things we value most should last the longest and keep their beauty. This is especially true for our exterior of our homes. While most houses in Florida are covered in stucco, there are neighborhoods in the Tampa Bay area that are not. Areas like Old North East St. Pete, Carrollwood, Seminole Heights, Hyde Park, Historic South Tampa, and parts of Brandon. You will see a variety of materials used on the exteriors in these neighborhoods.

The goal was two fold:

1) Provide along lasting material,
2) Give the home a beautiful, unique look… In most cases this was accomplished. However, now these homes are showing their age and it’s time to replace the aging and degraded materials.

That’s why our siding contractor Tampa offers different options other than stucco to help keep the unique, classic look of the home, while adding a wow factor and curb appeal, using durable, long lasting modern materials. Fiber cement, or LP composite siding are a couple of products we use.

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For decades, James Hardie has made the most beautiful, durable siding and trim products on the market. Water and moisture from the brutal summer rains and the intense heat can damage the exterior of your home like nothing else can. It may be gradual, but it is relentless, and can cause wood siding to swell and crack, lose paint and lead to mold if not properly managed. This is where James Hardie stands out from its competitors. James Hardie will not crack, warp or delaminate from moisture if installed properly. Insects and birds can wreak havoc on some types of siding, and termites are a real issue in Tampa Bay. But fiber cement will not be damage or eaten by one of the most destructive insects in Florida. Cedar, cypress,
OSB or wood-composite siding can be eaten by termites and pecked by birds damaging the exteriors of your home.SouthShore Roofing & Exteriors is factory trained to install James Hardie. Proper installation will give you trouble free performance and long lasting beauty for years to come.

Another product we offer is LP Smart side. LP SmartSide is a treated engineered siding that when properly stored and applied, it cuts out the time you spend dealing with warped and split pieces of traditional wood siding. Smart side works and cuts like traditional wood, comes in 16' lengths which often resulting in fewer seams or joints on your structure. Smart side comes pre-primed for optimal paint adhesion, you won’t see any discoloration from efflorescence and has realistic woodgrain texture.

Created with the renewable resource of wood, LP SmartSide Siding has a 5/50 year limited warranty. LP’s products have the advanced performance of treated engineered wood for durability. LP’s SmartGuard® process adds strength and helps withstand impacts. • LP SmartSide Lap Siding products are more resistant to impact damage from common projectiles like golf balls and baseballs. Even with moisture and humidity SmartSide resists fungal decay and is a good choice for Tampa Bay’s climate. Any product you choose to beautify you home is only as good as the install. Southshore Roofing & Exteriors follows all manufactures install guidelines and best practices so that your product look great and performs for years to come.

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